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en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NY / NOUVEAU!
A more compact format has been adopted throughout.

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Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Unless noted, prices do not include postage or insurance.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@judnick.com




"(1) Picking of mulberry leaves" showing 4 female workers in a large field, color carte postale, very late usage at Fred Texas, minor corner rounding. $8.00 ja%. Same but much wear along the top edge, very late usage at Hunter Arkansas. $7.00 js

Madagascar_113TananariveLa-100.jpg (363685 bytes)"113. Tananarive -- Le Piquage du Riz - MADAGASCAR" showing a group of six planting rice, sepia-tone postcard with red caption, corner crease, pertinent message written on back in French. $18.00 ma

Tinted163_small.jpg agriculture postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"117  Homeward Bound." with a shepherd and his 2 dogs moving his flock up a winding path; unused circa-1908 post card from an undisclosed publisher, beautiful hand-colored appearance suggests a painting. $4.50 a(s)pa

NorthDakota_Velva_Agriculture.jpg (158100 bytes)

"1. Breaking the virgin soil, Velva, North Dakota", color postcard. trivial wear at bottom corners, otherwise fresh appearance. $10.00 na


"1223 - CALIFORNIA CELERY FIELDS." Mitchell published post card, unused, minor wear at 3 corners. $7.50

"127. Our Farmers know how to / 'Make Hay while the Sun Shines.' / (Scenes along the country roads.)" postcard showing additions to a very large pile of hay, in color, cancel ink on front, mailed 1912, corner crease, corner wear & rounding. $4.00 (a)*

"13303 COTTON AWAITING SHIPMENT." Phostint post card, light toning on back, writing on front. $3.25

"14.  Planting Rice, Bontoc, P. I." showing about 20 people bent over at work, color postcard numbered R-89785 on back, unused, 2 corners noticeably creased, minor edge wear. Different than the one held in the Otto Gmur Collection of the Filipinas Heritage Library & hard to find anywhere. $6.00 pa

Expos_Philadelphia1926_15Entrance.JPG (172502 bytes)

"15:--ENTRANCE AND TOWER, PALACE OF AGRICULTURE, / SESQUICENTENNIAL INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION, / PHILADELPHIA, PA." including some pedestrians in the foreground, color post card from John D. Cardinell (official), unused, tiny corner crease, light toning along one back edge. $5.00 ep. Also unused, corner wear & rounding. $5.00 eap

"159 -- A MODERN BARN AND STORAGE PLACE FOR CROPS ON A HERSHEY, PA., FARM / E-12159" at the Rolling Green Dairy, linen postcard mailed 1952 at Hellam by Mrs. Allen A. Miller, much pertinent information on the back, 3 corner creases (one small, one tiny), a little cancel ink on front. $2.25 pa

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"1731 - A FIELD OF CALLA LILIES" post card in color, album marks on back, minor corner wear & rounding, unused. $5.00

Iowa_Cherokee_1796ElkAnd-200_small.JPG agriculture postcard available from Judnick.com"1795. Elk and Deer Farm Cherokee, Iowa. PEARSON-ULLBERG CO., MINNEAPOLIS" with a handwritten message below reading 'This is taken from life south of Cherokee, Ada', black & white postcard with undivided back mailed 1906 from Quimby Iowa, 2 faint small corner creases (1 not into image), toning in sky looks like stamp paste residue but stamped on back. $7.50 i(c)aa

"1839 - Pumpkin Field on a Western Ranch" In color, unused Mitchell postcard. $7.50

Woman_1879-2Mailed1909-200_small.JPG from Judnick.comWoman_1879-4Mailed1909-200_small.JPG from Judnick.com

"1879. 2" & "1879. 4." hand-tinted / colored real photos of a woman with sickle gathering grain, unidentified publisher. Both mailed 1909 within Belgium, mild corner & edge wear, some surface crackling that is not too noticeable. Both for $10.00 w(o)a

France_Arles_2010ATypes-200_small.JPG agriculture postcard available from Judnick.com

"2010. - ARLES. - Types d'Arlésiennes / Sous la Treille" women gathering grapes, carte postale sent TCV 1903 to Granville Manche, one corner badly creased, another corner with a faint crease. $8.50 faap

France_Arles_Vendage_small.jpg (4006 bytes)

"2014. - ARLES. - Types d'Arlésiennes / La Vendange" French women gathering grapes, post card sent TCV 1903. $12.00 (faap)

"21 - VIANA DO CASTELO - Carregando triga" real photo post card with glossy finish, depicting a Portuguese hay cart drawn by 2 oxen, mailed in the United States, slight curl to the paper. $4.50

NorthDakota_Cathay_2Preparing-100.jpg (273973 bytes)

"2. Preparing Soil for Sowing, Cathay, North Dakota" with a good look at the equipment involved circa 1910, unused color post card, two small chips at edges, otherwise fairly fresh. $11.50 na

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"3267 -- A Flock of Turkeys." Mitchell postcard mailed 1915, noticeable wear at 2 corners. $4.50

Palestine_41Plowing-200_small.jpg agricultural post card available from LotsOfCards.com

"41. PLOWING." unused sepia-tone real photo postcard from American Colony Photo Cards, good focus & composition, long vertical bend. $7.50 pa

Better_434small.jpg agriculture post cards available from LotsOfPhotos.com"-43- Spring" sepia-tone real photo post card showing an orchard of fruit trees in bloom. Message on back from R. H. Hedrick, 29th & Faraon St., St. Joseph: "have been so busy since last Aug. that I have not had time to eat (all I want).' Trivial edge wear, uneven toning on back from album contact. $5.00 m(s)tga

"45466 Greetings from PLAISTOW, N. H." generic linen postcard on grayish paper, showing a haywagon being loaded, mailed there 1941, faint small corner crease. $2.00 na

"5204--Cherry Picking Scene, Door County, Wisconsin" post card mailed 1955, corner crease. $2.25

Agriculture_532Harvesting-200_small.jpg agriculture post cards available from Judnick.com"532 - Harvesting Scene, Combined Header and Thresher" loaded with men & pulled by several horses, Mitchell-published postcard with legible writing all over the back in pencil, small upper corner crease, mild wear at the other corners. This view comes with several different captions in differing colors & text; so check your album! $2.75 ahm

California_049small.jpg agricultural postcards available from Judnick.com

"538--A Typical Orange Grove in Southern California / PHOTO BY 'DICK' WHITTINGTON  1B/-H2149" unused linen post card, trivial wear at 2 corners. $1.75 ac(s)p

"557  IRRIGATED ORANGE GROVE, CALIFORNIA / 3A-H996" unused linen post card, trivial wear at one corner, otherwise excellent condition. $1.75 c(u)a

"766. - AULUS-LES-BAINS. - Plateau de Lers (1390 m)" showing shepherd and small flock, postcard with green back, mailed later in United States, cancel ink on front. $3.00

California_Fresno_783Picking-100.jpg (337867 bytes)"783 - Picking and Drying Raisin Grapes in California near Fresno" showing many workers with their crates, unused color post card from Edward Mitchell, small corner crease, album marks at back corners, browning back paper due to age. $5.00 c(f)a

"812 A PAPAYA PLANTATION IN FLORIDA" linen postcard with writing on back. $3.00

  California_007_small.jpg agribusiness post card available from Judnick.com  California_022_small.jpg agriculture post card available from Judnick.com   California/California_050small.jpg agriculture post card available from Judnick.com
"852. ORANGES AND SNOW CAPPED MOUNTAINS" referring specifically to California Orange Groves on the back, linen postcard mailed 1952 at Garden Grove California, tiny corner bend, trace of cancel ink on front. Shown left. $1.75 c(u)fa.. Another, unused, possibly a different printing because the colors look a bit darker, tiny spot in bottom front margin. Shown center. $1.75 c(u)fa. Another, a darker printing, unused, small light spot of toning on back, good edges. Shown right. $1.75 c(u)fa

California/California_053small.jpg agriculture postcards available from Judnick.comUNSPECIFIED LOCATION. "857  PICKING ORANGES IN CALIFORNIA." linen post card mailed 1952 at Pasadena, small corner crease not into the image, faint cancel ink in the left front border, minor corner wear, very light toning in the address area. $1.00 c(u)a

"875 PICKING ORANGES IN CALIFORNIA" Sample post card with price sticker on back from MacGowan. $2.00

"877:--A Producing Date Palm, Southern California" with someone kneeling in the foreground for scale, white-border era postcard from M. Kashower Co., writing on back claims this is near Indio, light toning on back, light toning on front, much corner wear & rounding. $2.00 ca

France_Aix-Les-Bains_Plateau_small.jpg (17165 bytes)

"967 AIX-les-BAINS -- Plateau du Revard (1468 m. d'alt.)" green back with a Savoie farm scene, unused carte postale. $2.75 White back, unused. $3.25

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Artist_Abachine_Maisonde_small.jpg (3438 bytes)

"Abachine. Maison de paysans" also captioned in Cyrillic, art showing a farmhouse; unused postcard, minor edge wear, light toning on back, small corner crease. $
3.75 a(a)a NEW / NY / NOUVEAU

"A BEAN FIELD IN THE GREAT OKEECHOBEE FARM DISTRICT" in Florida, real photo post card, mailed there 1955, missent to Moore Haven Fla. Auxiliary marking. $2.75

"A BUSY DAY IN MAINE / PICKING POTATOES IN AROOSTOOK" Linen postcard, mailed, corners worn a little. $3.00

Panama_ACoffeeFarm-200_small.jpg agricultural postcard available from Judnick.com"A coffee farm, Boqueti, Panama" including 3 dogs & 2 workers, color post card from I. L. Maduro Jr., circa 1915, unused & attractive. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 pa

"ADMINISTRATION BUILDING, OHIO AGRICULTURAL STATION, WOOSTER, O." Rotograph divided back post card mailed DEC 7 1907 (clear & complete PITTS. & CHIC. TR31 R.P.O. RMS hand cancel) to Mr. K. J Heabler in Attica Ohio, noticeable corner & edge wear, 3/8" tear from left front edge. Seldom offered in any condition. $5.00 o(w)

"A FLOCK OF FINE SHEEP // JOHN JONES / OWNER /   MARTEL O." including the owner, his dog & a horse; unused Azo (triangles up) real photo postcard, light toning on back, low-contrast / grayish, good edges. In Ohio. $17.50 oa

"A Golden Harvest" Tuck with considerable corner & edge wear, post card mailed in Britain in 1920's. $3.50


Agricultural Building, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark." Unused linen post card, previous owner's handstamp on back, small corner crease. $2.00 a(f)ca

Ohio_Oceola_small.jpg (4913 bytes)"A scene along the road / To Oceola, Ohio / Farmers are worried over the bean crop" great exaggeration art mailed 1916, minor corner & edge wear, small corner crease, hint of cancel ink on front. In our opinion this post card was deliberately printed on  brownish paper. $5.00 (o(o)ae)%

"A. 917." Rotary real photo postcard showing woman feeding ducks, mailed in Scotland 1911. $5.00

"A farm tractor attachment to fit all / standard makes and sizes / of automobiles // Auto Tractor pulling gang plow, four bases" with the back printed message 'you ever see AN Auto Tractor? / (SEE OVER)', postcard addressed but not mailed to 531 Vinton St. City & annotated on message side "Fair, Sept. 1914" (which places it as an Indiana State Fair item held at Indianapolis). This ludicrous idea was short-lived: it is doubtful that the poor-quality printing of this advertisement or its content (view obscured, no manufacturer detail, no claims ...) helped gather any prospective customers or investors. Later, the Three-P Auto Tractor Company did incorporate in Davenport Iowa in 1917, and was a founding member of the National Tractor Attachment Association. Rare. $100.00 i(i)aa

Barbados_AgriculturalLabors.jpg (156525 bytes) Barbados dwellings postcard"AGRICULTURAL LABORERS & DWELLINGS. BARBADOS, B. W. I." showing a man with several children by a shack, black & white from Cave Shepheer & Co., unused, slight yellowing of the paper, few tiny spots of toning on back, trivial wear at the corners. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 ba

Nebraska_CusterCounty_1889.jpg (327219 bytes)"'ALONE ON THE CLAIM' CUSTER COUNTY, NEBRASKA, 1889 / S. D. BUTCHER COLLECTION, NEBRASKA STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY" farmer with herd of pigs, horse, well & more; post card mailed 1970's, corner crease, wear at one corner, light toning in bottom front border. Interesting! Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 nah

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All 1909 (when noted) or 1910 copyright, unused, lightly toned front, lightly toned back, mild corner & edge wear. In color on grayish-yellow paper. Would make a nice display together.

"CHILI--American Harvesting Machines in in general use throughout Chili and the Argentine Republic, the great wheat producing / countries of South America" showing bullock carts, men & a buggy in the field. $5.00 aac. Same, writing on back dates to 1911, small bottom corner crease, writing on front caption. Shown. $4.75 caa

"ENGLAND--American Harvesting Machines play an important part in harvesting the crops of England" showing a machine drawn by 2 large horses, unused post card, faint internal crease. $5.50 a. Similar but no internal crease. $5.00 aa.

"FINLAND--A MOWER WITH REAPING ATTACHMENT IS GENERALLY USED IN PLACE OF THE SELF-BINDER, BECAUSE THE GRAIN FIELDS ARE SMALL, AND THE WOMEN FOLK ASSIST IN THE WORK. 11." unused postcard, light transfer of caption ink on back attributable to the printing process. 1909 copyright. $5.50 faa

Finland_FTheWomenFolkAssist-100.jpg (304967 bytes)"FINLAND--The women folk assist in the work of harvesting in many European countries." postcard showing men & women gathering hay manually. $5.50 aa. Same but writing on back, worn corners. $3.75 faw

"MEXICO--Modern American Binders near the Pyramids of Cholula. Mount Popocatepetl in the distance." showing 2 binders being drawn by oxen. $5.00 aa. Same, 1909 copyright, mailed 1910 at Delaware Ohio, noticeably toned both sides, small bottom corner crease. Shown. $2.00 aa

"RUSSIA--Camels are used as draft animals to operate American Harvesting Machines on the Steppes of the Caucasus." postcard showing a machine drawn by 2 camels, unusual subject matter. $5.00 aa.

"UNITED STATES--In the Land of Sunshine and Plenty, Harvesting, Like All Other Things, / is Done on a Large Scale, and Machines Cutty a Wide Swath are Necessary.  10" unused postcard with 1909 copyright, tiny spot of toning in caption area, very lightly toned back. $5.00 aa

"AMERICAN HEREFORD ASSOC. / 715 Hereford Drive..." headquartered in Kansas City Missouri, showing a cow of course, unused chrome post card. $1.00

Australia_SheepStation_small.jpg (1995 bytes)"AN AUSTRALIAN SHEEP STATION /  'Wool consigned for shipment'" Unused Tuck Oilette series II. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 (aat)


Comic_AppalchianArt-200_small.jpg agricultural post cards available from LotsOfCards.com

"Appalachian Art" farmer named Art stands near his barn & cows, looking through an empty frame; continental postcard, unused, near mint. $1.25 ca%

"Arkansas Rice Growers Co-Op Association Rice Mill, Stuttgart, Arkansas / One of the Largest Rice Mills in the World  8B-H1845 / PHOTO BY L. M. AHRENS" Curteich linen post card mailed 1950, slight yellowing of the paper with age, a few tiny spots on back, 3 tiny spots in front borders. $2.50 a(s)a

Iowa_DesMoines_AskForA-200_small.JPG"ASK FOR A CATALOGUE OF / SEEDS, PLANTS and BULBS / POULTRY SUPPLIES, ETC. / IOWA SEED CO. / SEEDSMEN TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE / 612-615 Locust St.  DES MOINES" unused color post card with large & attractive floral art for an important agricultural supplier, mild corner wear & rounding, tiny dark spot near right front edge, a faint internal crease most easily seen from the back. $7.00 ifa

AdvertisingCard_ASwheatGirl-200_small.JPG agriculture trade card available from Judnick.com

"A S'wheat Girl / COMPLIMENTS OF / Mabley & Company" trade card with young woman in wheat dress & a scythe standing in a field, ad on back claims the Detroit company is the largest retail establishment in Michigan (copyright dates to 1887). $12.50 aagm

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"At a fair / Tractor square dance" well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1964, unusual subject matter. $2.50

"Aux labours" black & white post card showing horse and bullocks pulling plow, mailed 1902 in Switzerland, dark stain at bottom edge, much writing on front. $3.00

Queensland_BananaGrove-200_small.JPG"Banana Grove, Woombye, North Coast Line, S.Q." black & white postcard issued for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in 1915, writing on back, mild corner wear. In 1913, some 7,400 acres had similar plantings in Queensland. $5.50 qeta%

Maryland_002_small.jpg farming post cards available from Judnick.com
"BEL AIR, MARYLAND  L-147" with a generic scene of cows grazing with farm buildings in the distance, linen post card mailed there 1954 to Mr. & Mrs. Lester B. Martz in Washington DC by their children Margie & Fred, fairly fresh. $2.00 m(b)ga

Queensland_BendingBroom-200_small.JPG"Bending Broom Millet, Goomeri, North Coast Line, S. Q. including 2 workers, black & white post card issued for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in 1915, writing on back, trivial corner wear. When production in Queensland was 168,194 pounds. $5.50 qae*

"BLOSSOM TIME IN THE MARITIMES" showing plowing behind two bulls, postcard in color, published by Valentine-Black, fairly fresh. $2.50

"Bonnet Hill Farm. / Darien, Conn." showing the residence & the fence in front, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed at West Harwich in 1962, slight waviness to paper, trivial wear at 3 corners. $2.00 ca%

"BOYS' AND GIRLS' 4-H CLUB WORK / Head--Heart-- Hands--Health…" with their pledge on the back, no postcard back. $2.00

"BREAK AWAY" sepia-tone post card showing lovers beneath a stack of hay with an observer on top, unused & fairly fresh. $3.00

"BROADACRE FARM, CHARLOTTE, VT." Unused Eastern Illustrating Co. real photo post card, slight oxidation consistent with circa-1910 age. Sold but its front is still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged & enhanced (publication-quality) 300-dpi scan in .jpg format. $3.75 v(c)a

NewYork_Cambridge_1893Pioneer-100.JPG (231085 bytes)"CAMBRIDGE VALLEY / SEED GARDENS. / JAN 26 1893 / ... / JEROME B. RICE & Co." illustrated pioneer seed ad on 2c Jefferson government postal card, long scrape from small hole in center, browning paper. Central ad reads 'TRY RICE'S SEEDS / SUITED FOR / ALL SOILS AND / ALL CLIMATES / THEY ARE NORTHERN GROWN'.$10.00 naag

Better_584small.jpg agricultural post cards available from Judnick.com"Canadian Rural Life: 'Gathering in the Hay'" with 2 farmers filling a horse-drawn wagon, souvenir post card with undivided back printed in Great Britain, mailed 1908 from Fairville New Brunswick to Charlestown Massachusetts, toned back with partial of the wagon wheel color as well, upper corner creased twice, other corners worn, short internal crease from the bottom. $2.25 cha

"CASE / HILL CLIMBING EXHIBITION / EVERY 30 MINUTES COMMENCING AT ... / CASE ENGINES / DEVELOP most POWER / WITH LEAST FUEL" circa-1917 stamped, messaged, uncancelled postcard addressed to Miss Ethel Horton on Kennedale Texas, both sides toned, back paper browning with age. Uncaptioned, so we use all the readable signage. This type of demonstration must have worked well for them because they made similar appearances at other fairs throughout the US. Sold but its front is still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged & enhanced (publication-quality) 300-dpi scan in .jpg format. $3.75 aa

Missouri_KansasCity_CattlePens-200.jpg (992613 bytes)"Cattle Pens at Stock Yards, Kansas City, Mo." with an overhead view giving a good feel for the extent of them, post card mailed 1910, lightly toned sky from cancel ink, corner wear & rounding. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 maa

Agriculture_Celery_small.jpg (3488 bytes)

"Celery Fields, Kalamazoo, Mich." color postcard mailed 1910, light amount of cancel ink on front, corner crease, edge wear. $3.25 ma. Mailed 1908, minor corner & edge wear. $5.00 am

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"CEN PE CO / LUBRICANTS // 1999 SILVER BULLET / EVENTS SCHEDULE" showing the tractor of 2-time National Champions Rich & Jordon Lustik in action, wheels high off the ground; unusually detailed continental card publicizing their stops at NTPA & ATPA events. Small corner bend. The company is located in Iowa & Ohio. $1.50 ia

"CHAMPION HOLSTEIN, SPRINGBANK FARM, WOODSTOCK, ONT. WK 1" post card with inconspicuous corner crease & tiny nick in edge, otherwise fresh. $5.00

RhodeIsland_Chepachet_CGrangeNo-200_small.JPG available from Judnick.com
"Chepachet Grange, No. 38, P. of H., Chepachet, R. I." black & white linen postcard, unused. More fully, the agricultural fraternal organization referred to is the National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry. $3.75

"Chinese Picking Olives" postcard in color, published by Newman, much writing on back, light toning on back, minor corner & edge wear. $3.75

  Agriculture_CitrusLotOf36-Sunkist-200_small.jpg  Agriculture_CitrusLotOf36-MinuteMaid-200_small.jpg 
CITRUS AGRICULTURE IN THE US. Lot of 36 regular-size postcards from the white-border, linen & chrome eras. Some are new and some used. Faults, if present, are minor. An effort has been made to remove duplication, but there may still be 1 or 2. Some better material is included--work scenes in Florida & California, Sunkist advertising (shown above left), Minute Maid operations (shown above right), etc. Typically these would retail from $0.50 to $2.50. Our wholesale price for all 36 is $18.00 (wa)*

Hawaii_Kona_Coffee-200small.JPG agriculture photographs available from Judnick Postcards

"Coffee Blossoms - Kona  348" Ekc real photo post card, trivial bottom corner wear. $4.00 ha

PuertoRico_CoffeePlantation-100.jpg (269309 bytes)"COFFEE PLANTATION PORTO RICO" sepia-tone real photo post card with brownish paper on back, considerable corner & edge wear, image has good focus & contrast, slight oxidation suggests 1920's. Interesting. $5.00 pa*

Better_405small.jpg agriculture post cards available from Judnick.com"Combined Harvesters 'The Idaho' at work. Manufactured by the Idaho National Harvester Company, Moscow, Idaho." unused postcard published by Charles E. Morris of Chinook Montana (cowboy on bucking bronco in the stamp box), minor wear at 2 corners, trivial toning on back. This firm, also known as the Idaho Harvester Company, made smaller combine harvesters because they were more suited to the hilly terrain of the Palouse region in which they were located & required fewer horses. $10.00 i(m)a

AdCard_TheGardenvilleFeed-200small.jpg agricultural ad cards available from Judnick.com"Compliments of / GARDENVILLE, N. Y., FEED CUTTER" trade card with 1886 copyright (Richmond & Co., Buffalo), illustrated both sides. Back shows the agricultural device (used to cut feed, hay & ensilage) with 6 different lengths, prices, and weights tabulated; lightly toned with small thin affecting 2 letters; manufactured by Charles Schśpflin & Brothers in Gardenville. Front art in color fancifully shows an Australian aborigine with spear, mounted on a high-wheeler bicycle, chasing a kangaroo. Rare.  $12.00 bn(g)aa NEW / NY / NOUVEAU

Insect_USSR1928-200_small.jpg agriculture postal cards available from LotsOfCovers.comContinental size Russian postal card mailed from Leningrad in 1928 on a scientific exchange of aphid specimens between the Zoological Museum of the Academy of Sciences & Dr. C. R. Cutright at the Ohio Agricultural Experimental Station in Wooster Ohio. Dr. Cutright was a published expert on apple aphids & subterranean aphids. Brownish paper as issued, on bottom corner with noticeable wear, small upper corner crease. The message is in good English. $6.00 iagro-ri%

Exaggeration_HereIsThePlace-200_small.jpg agriculture post cards available from LotsOfPhotos.com"Copyrighted Photograph 1908 / By W. H. Mortin // Here is the place we grow large cabbage" sepia-tone Azo real photo (triangles up) postcard, writing on back, lightly toned back, mild corner & edge wear, oxidation consistent with age. $9.00 ehfpa

Horse_CorporalNo-200_small.JPG agribusiness postal card available from Judncik.com"CORPORAL No. 62048 / Recorded by the Percheron Society of America / ... /  CORPORAL will make the season of 1911, on the farm known as the Samuel Kyle Farm, on the Big Four Railroad, between Kyle and Monroe Stations / ... / J. W. KYLE, owner, Rural Route No. 1, KYLE OHIO" advertising & showing the horse with very detailed pedigree. Unused 1-cent McKinley government postal card, faint small upper corner crease affects nothing. Exceptionally interesting and rare, the card sheds light on the naming of the community, the Kyle family genealogy, and even the rates & conditions of stud service offered. The best Butler County card we have ever seen. $50.00 o(k)hga

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images/Ethiopia_CostumiAfricani-200_small.jpg agriculture postcard available from Judnick.com"Costumi africani - Aratro abissino / 2940" unused carte postale with undivided back, black & white with red caption, minor corner wear & a tiny ding in one edge, light toning near the front edges. Part of a series of African costume cards for Italian consumption, it shows specifically an Abyssinian farmer plowing in what is now Ethiopia. Rare; you will not find it elsewhere. $25.00 ea

Texas_Houston_CottonBlockade-200_small.JPG agricultural post card available from Judnick.com"Cotton Blockade at Houston, Texas // Texas Produces More Cotton / Than Any Other State in the Union / More Cotton Moves Though Houston / Than Any City in the World // 404193." showing a rail yard in which multiple trains are heavily loaded with the agricultural product, upper corners creased twice, bottom corners visibly worn; postcard mailed there 1910 to Harvey Lindaman of Ames Iowa. $7.00 t(h)a

Texas_Waco_CottonCompress.jpg (188441 bytes)"COTTON COMPRESS, WACO, TEXAS. THE COMMERCIAL CENTER OF THE / GREATEST COTTON PRODUCING COUNTRY IN THE WORLD" color post card, circa 1912, corner crease, toned back. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 ta

"Cotton picking in Arizona" showing 5 workers filling the back of a large truck, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1966 at Rochelle Illinois, part of a cancel on front. $1.75 a(u)a

"COUTUMES, MOEURS ET COSTUMES BRETONS / 481 -- Intérieur de Ferme : en avant, l'étable, au fond le logis.  ND Phot." showing the interior of a farm home in Brittany, including the livestock stabled there; carte postale with very late usage at Southmayd Texas, good edges. $5.00 i(h)f(b)a NEW / NY / NOUVEAU

Massachusetts_CapeCod_Cranberry-200_small.jpg agriculture postcards available from Judnick.com"CRANBERRY HARVESTING, CAPE COD, MASS. / Cranberries are one of Cape Cod's leading products. ..." unused chrome-era post card from a Kodachrome by Winthrop P. Moore, a little toning on the back appears to be from the printing process itself, front surface abrasions in the finish & 1 tiny spot of color, trivial edge wear. $0.75 m(c)a

"Cranberry Picking, Cape Cod, Mass." In color, numbered 85005 on back, unused post card, minor wear at 2 corners. $8.00

Scotland_CroftersCottages-100.jpg (302105 bytes)"CROFTERS COTTAGES, SKYE" color from Valentine's Colourtone, 2 corner creases neither of which is very noticeable. A crofter is a tenant farmer. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 saa*

Egypt_CultivateurDansLa-100.jpg (302839 bytes)

"CULTIVATEUR DAN LA HAUTE EGYPTE" showing a farmer plowing land with the aid of a camel & cow hitched together, unused carte postale from the Cairo Postcard Trust No. 202, minor corner & edge wear. $4.75 ea

"Cutting Sugar Cane in Florida." post card in color, mailed 1910, trivial corner & edge wear. $4.00

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"Cutting Sugar Cane at Ponce, Puerto Rico / Color by Louis Dormand / El Corte de la Cana, en Ponce, Puerto Rico." chrome postcard mailed 1962, tiny corner crease. $1.50 pa%

Alberta_MacLeod_Cutting-200_small.jpg agriculture postcards available from Judnick.com"Cutting Spring Wheat at Mac Leod, Alta." with a team of 4 horses pulling the reaper, unused private post card published by Stedman Brothers (their number S B 1877 on back), light album marks at the corners, small upper corner crease, back paper browning evenly with age (circa 1910), pen stroke over the head of one horse. Now a residential neighborhood near Edmonton, we see the name spelled McLeod. Uncommon; we could not find it offered or shown anywhere on the internet when we looked. $9.00 a(m)ah

"D-106  A BUSY DAY IN A COTTON FIELD IN DIXIELAND / 17253-C" showing several blacks, young & old, at work; unused white-border era postcard, soft corners, light toning shows in the front borders & on back. $5.00 ba***

"D-885  A SOUTHERN TOBACCO FIELD / M-10  A SCENE NEAR MARTINSVILLE, VA.  E-5414" unused linen post card from the Asheville Post Card Company, near mint. $3.75 vat

NewYork_Syracuse_DairyAnd-100.jpg (303488 bytes)"Dairy and Grange Buildings, State Fair Grounds, Syracuse, N. Y." color from William Jubb Company, mailed at Northrup Station 1916 with stamp damage, corner & edge wear. one corner multiply creased, light toning on front. More fully, the agricultural fraternal organization referred to is the National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry. $7.00 n(s)f(g)a

"DATE HARVEST" from a photo by Hubbard, unused chrome postcard. $2.50

NewYork_NearPortland_DearPeach-200_small.jpg"Dear Peach Customer: / Our Red Haven Peaches / are ready now and will / last about 10 days... / Howard C. Green Farm / Route 20, 1 Mile West / of Portland, N.Y." showing a peach stand by the roadside, family members posed by it; chrome post card mailed 1965 with typed advertising message for caption here, light toning on back, trace of cancel ink on front . corner crease, minor corner & edge wear. Unusual subject matter. A large peach with a long shelf life. $5.00 ngar

Hungary_DeSzabadits_Agriculture_small.jpg (6939 bytes)"De szabadits meg / a Gonoszló" Hungarian art depicts wheat farming couple regarding their field after a bad thunderstorm, postcard mailed 1900 to Szombathely, light toning on back, corner & edge wear, light toning on front, album impressions at the corners. $7.50 ha

Ohio_Ashland_DuaneKeeners-120.JPG (479715 bytes)"Duane Keener's / Bambi /  Pulling Team // All-Plant Liquid Plant Food" color continental card showing the Ashland Ohio star at the controls of his John Deere 4440 with 466 engine in action at a tractor pull, front wheels just beginning to lift. Excellent condition except for a tiny corner bump. Duane's career started with a bang as the OSTPA Super Stock Rookie of the Year in 1997 & the OSTPA Super Stock Puller of the Year in 1998. $2.50 oa

"Ducks at the Hartman Farm--Columbus, Ohio" a large number mostly facing in one direction, suggesting they were about to be fed, bottom corners with noticeable wear, faint album marks at the top front corners, a little pinkish toning near the back bottom edge. The farm also included horses & orchards. Now closed & sold, it was located on both sides of Route 23 just south of Columbus. $3.00 ao(c)g

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"Dusting a pepper patch / in Delaware" well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card, trace of cancel ink in the sky, approximately 1" internal crease from the side, used 1964 at Holley New York. $1.75 dpa

"Eildon Hills, Scotland" showing hay being gathered in the fields, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1963 from Randolph Massachusetts (2 different cancels). $2.00 sa

"'EMPEROR' TWICE GRAND CHAMPION BRAH- / MAN BULL OF FLORIDA…" black & white postcard, unused, toned back. $3.00

"En route pour les champs" showing people with pitchforks going out in a wagon to get more hay, color post card, TCV circa 1907 (French stamp). $10.00

"Farm and Dairy / … / 3 Easy Ways to Subscribe…" continental postcard mailed 2000 from Salem Ohio (permit No. 5). $1.00 (sa)

Liberia_FamersHouse-120.jpg (336822 bytes)

"Farmer's house, / Monrovia, Liberia." black & white post card, unused, numbered 11 26725 on undivided back, 2 tiny corner bends. $4.75 la+

MIXone_307_small.jpg agriculture trade card available from Judnick.com

"F. E. Myers & Bro. // ASHLAND / OHIO // Force / AND / Lift Pumps / AND / Hay Tools // WORLDS / FAIR" and wonderful art in full color depicting elves around a globe. Just a little toning near the back edges. Detailed agricultural product list over all the back: combination hay carriers, stacking carrier outfits, double harpoon forks, Walker forks, knot passing pulleys, thresher tank pumps & many more. Large size: a little longer than a continental postcard, but not quite as tall. $20.00 oaafg%

"FF-43 Picking Oranges in Florida" postcard mailed 1949. $2.00

"Fidčles ŕ la terre - Série B No. 22 / Edit. Lacas, Gland" post card mailed in Switzerland 1916, both sides nice. $5.00

"FIELD FULL OF COTTON PICKER" showing many blacks working, unused chrome postcard. $2.00

Finland_FTheWomenFolkAssist-100.jpg (304967 bytes)

"FINLAND--The women folk assist in the work of harvesting in many European countries" post card in color, writing on back, worn corners. $3.25 faw

"Foden Tractor 'D' Class No. 14078 'Mightly Atom', Nominal h.p. 4, / built 1932" being driven with load, unused postcard, J. Salmon copyright, near mint. $2.00 a

"Formosan farmer winnows / peanuts to remove dirt." well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1961 in the United States. $1.75

"From / the factory / to the / consumer" farmer milking cow gives a cat a long-distance drink, postcard with undivided back published by W. G. MacFarlane, mailed at Detroit 1907, internal creases, smudge in the front caption area, corners worn & rounded. $2.25 caa

"FRUIT AND GRAPE FARM NIAGARA DISTRICT, CANADA" Canadian souvenir post card, fresh appearance. $3.50

"Gathering Corn" showing women picking by hand, postcard in color, mailed 1909, corner & edge wear. $3.25

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"GATHERING THE FAMOUS BLUE GRASS SEED, KENTUCKY" white-border era post card, unused & fairly fresh. $3.50

Louisiana_NearNewOrleans_Gathering-100.jpg (352054 bytes)
"GATHERING THE SEASONS CROP, SCENE IN AN ORANGE GROVE, NEAR NEW ORLEANS, LA." an interesting work scene with several men on ladders, white-border era, unused postcard, toned back & 2 corner creases. $2.25 (la)+

Agriculture_GoingOnOur-200small.jpg agribusiness photographs available from Judnick.com

"Going on Our / Honeymoon / April 11, 1920" with the happy lovers on board their tractor, several automobiles in the distance; framed (approximately 10" x 8") sepia-tone photo with good focus & contrast, no photographer imprint front or back. $10.00 al

"GOLDEN AUTUMN, SWANSTON" black & white post card, Castle series, showing hay harvesting, unused. $3.25

"Grading Oranges." postcard in color, mailed 1909, much corner wear & rounding. $3.75

"Greetings From De Witt, Ark. / Cotton Picking Time" showing the blacks starting to pick, unused chrome post card from Curteich circa 1958, slight yellowing of the paper with age on back. $1.00 ba(d)a

"Greetings from HAMILTON, MO. 28006" linen postcard showing a generic hay wagon scene, faint small corner crease, slight browning of the paper with age. $2.00 ma. ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY Generic postcards explained.


"Greetings from SHELDON, ILL." showing a generic haying scene, unused NYCE linen postcard, tiny spot on front, a couple more tiny spots on the back. $2.25 i
a. Generic postcards explained.

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"GREETINGS FROM / SOUTHEAST MISSOURI / 'IN THE LAND OF COTTON" multiview showing blacks in field, chrome post card, some ink transfer to back from printing process. $2.50

"GRINDING & BOILING SUGAR CANE" postcard in color, mailed circa 1908, corner crease, corner & edge wear. $4.00

"Habana: Corte de Cańa / Cutting Sugar Cane  9B-H22" Cuban postcard mailed 1951 to Illinois but stamp damaged in removal attempt, three corners creased (1 is tiny). $2.75 ca

Better_375small.jpg agriculture post cards available from Judnick.com"HARROWING AND DRILLING WHEAT ON MILLER BROS. 101 RANCH.  80618" in Bliss Oklahoma, unused C. T. American Art postcard neatly separated from a booklet, light spotty toning in the front borders. Hard to find: the only 1 we found was in a National Cowboy Museum collection. $20.00 o(b)ac NEW / NY / NOUVEAU

"Harvest Time in the Sunny South G-238" near mint post card, Asheville published. $2.50

"HARVESTING AROOSTOOK POTATOES" unused chrome postcard with minor corner & edge wear. $2.00

T002_small.jpg agriculture post cards available from Judnick.com

"Harvesting barley near Irbil, / a Kurd clutches grain with / glovelike metal claws, that / extend his finger reach Iraq" well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1962 from Centerville Kansas, small upper corner crease not into the image. Irbil is also seen written Erbil or Irbil. $2.00 ia

"HARVESTING IN THE GREAT WHEAT FIELDS OF /   MANITOBA, CANADA." color post card, circa 1915-1920, unused. $2.50

"Harvesting Oats, Gallatin County, Montana…" postcard in color, unused, published by Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, nice. $7.50

"Harvesting / Peanuts / in / Dixie" showing a black worker, unused chrome post card. $2.50

"Harvest Scene." with at least 37 horses & mules hitched up to the equipment, color postcard on yellowish paper from M. Rieder, pencil writing on back claims the scene is in Washington State, noticeable corner wear, several small dark spots of toning on back. $5.00 ah

Better_373small.jpg agriculture post card available from Judnick.com"HARVESTING WHEAT ON MILLER BROS. 101 RANCH" in Bliss Oklahoma, multiview postcard with booklet stub still attached, divided back C. T. American Art post card, spotty toning both sides. Hard to find! $20.00 o(b)ac NEW / NY / NOUVEAU

Washington_NorthYakima_HayingNear-120.JPG (342836 bytes)
"Haying near North Yakima. /  $2,000,000 worth raised within eight miles of / North Yakima, Washington," color post card mailed there 1909 (clear flag cancel with 1) to Ohio, corner crease, edge wear, cancel ink on front is in a dark area. $11.00 wa-w*

"HAYING TIME IN MAINE 1134" black & white postcard, mailed 1941, light toning on back, extraneous writing on back. $2.00 a*

"Hay is the main / crop in Iceland" showing a man & woman in their field raking it up, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1962 in the United States. $2.00 ia*

"Heuernte im Schwarzwald" postcard in color, mailed in Germany 1906 or 1908, corner & edge wear, writing on front. $3.25

"HIAWATHA ISLAND, PRODUCING FARM FOR AHWAGA HOTEL, OWEGO, N. Y." aerial view, sepia-tone from The Eagle Post Card Co., mailed there 1963, minor edge wear, 3 corner creases, long internal crease, unusual subject matter. $5.00 na*

"'Hog time' in North / Carolina Mountains" well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1963. $2.00

"Hog time in the country" well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1963. $2.00

Manitoba_Brandon_Fair_small.jpg (2189 bytes)

"Horticultural Exhibit, Brandon Fair." color from Illustrated Post Card Company, fresh & unused. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 (mia)

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"Horticulture Building, Macdonald Agricultural College, Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Que." black & white postcard with brown caption on yellowish paper from booklet, mailed 1923 to Massachusetts, light toning on back. $2.75 qa

"HOTEL CASTLE / FOR BEST FOUR /  POLAND-CHINA /   SOWS / Bred and owned / by /  Exhibitor / NATIONAL SWINE SHOW / 1917" real photo post card of trophy cup whose inscription we use as a caption, clear focus & good contrast, corner crease, small corner crease, toning from contemporaneous pencil writing on back, mild corner wear & rounding. An Iowa State University Animal Husbandry Department webpage states that the show started in Des Moines in 1919 but, based on this evidence we must respectfully disagree. $25.00 ap

Blacks_InASouthern-100.jpg (350677 bytes)"IN A SOUTHERN HEMP FIELD" showing 3 black men harvesting many tall plants, Carolina Card Company number 10724 (circa 1930(, small corner crease, mild corner wear. Unusual subject matter! Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 bsa

"'In simmer when the hay was mawn, / And corn waved green in every field.'--Burns." post card in color, mailed 1908, corner wear & rounding, very light toning on back. heavily toned front. $3.75

"INSPECTING FRUIT BEFORE BEING EXPORTED. / Fruit exported form Victoria is subjected to a rigid inspection. / Buyers oversea may rely on receiving the best quality." including several crates, some open, with legible labeling (e.g., GJ & Co, 1 bushel sorted apples, Alfred E. Eagle ...); elaborate back advertising settlement allotments available for mixed farming in Victoria Australia, under the Closer Settlement Acts; black & white postcard issued by direction of the Honorable J. E. Mackey (Commissioner of Crown Lands); a lot of edge wear at the lower right front corner, other edge wear is minor, lightly toned back. $6.00 vfpa

"IOWA FARM MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPNAY / PROXY / ... " dated December 1945; unused legal form on government postal card pre-addressed to D. B. Groves Secretary at Valley Bank Building in Des Moines, a little cancel ink on front, minor edge wear. The company now does business under the name Far Bureau Property & Casualty Insurance Company, now located in West Des Moines. $3.75 aig(g)i(d)


"IOWA TO THE FRONT / The two ears of corn, white and yellow, shown herewith are the / Champion Ears of Corn of the World, having won the / prize at the Iowa State Fair in th greatest corn / competition on earth. The yellow ear is the property of Geo. Steen, West Liberty, Iowa, and the white / of I. B. White, / Oskaloosa, / Iowa" color postcard mailed 1909, hint of toning on front does not detract. $20.00 i(w)g(s)sa

"Irrigating an Orange Grove" post card published by the Benham Company (their number 2007) for the Panama-California Exposition of 1915, wear along one short edge, otherwise fairly fresh both sides. $5.00 ea

Colorado_Greeley_IrrigatingGrain.jpg (150829 bytes)

"Irrigating Grain.  Greeley, Colorado." sepia-tone post card published by Arthur Clapper, unused, fairly fresh & interesting. $7.00 ca

"Irrigation Congress Welcome Design, / Mineral Palace park, Pueblo, Colo." in flowers with crossed American flags; post card mailed APR 15 1913 (clear DENVER & GRAND JUNCT. TR.4 R.P.O. RMS hand cancel on Balboa commemorative) to Mr. Sam J. Bernstein in Denver Colorado (where it arrived the same day), 1/3" internal crease from bottom edge, minor corner wear & rounding. Offered elsewhere as high as US50.00, but save your money and get it here for only $17.00. c(p)fa NEW / NY / NOUVEAU

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Mutoscope_ItsCornBut-200_small.jpg artist agriculture cards available from LotsOfCards.com

IT'S CORN BUT THEY LOVE IT" with signed art by Zoe Mozert, depicting a shapely farmer's daughter feeding the chickens; excellent condition. (2 available) $6.50 each mpaa

"JERUSALEM - Laboureurs. / Ploughing. / Pflügen." showing a family group in their fields plowing with yoked oxen, unused black & white carte postale with red caption, numbered 1039 on back, minor toning on back, slight corner rounding, miscut at printers with a bit of the top of the next card showing at the bottom. $4.25 pa

"'Jess' turkey ranch on Mojave / Desert in California" with signed art reproduced, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1963 from Benzonia Michigan. a little wear at top corners, short internal crease. $1.75 cda

"J. H. MANCHESTER / 1908 MAPLE AVENUE FARM / HORACE DUNCAN BUILDER" picturing the round barn that is now on the National Register of Historic Places; sepia-tone real photo postcard mailed NOV 29 1909 to Mrs. Lucy Aylworth in West Liberty Iowa by her niece conveying lots of family news, good edges, very light album toning on the back. Location is in what is now New Hampshire (Goshen Township, Auglaize County) Ohio, near Waynesfield. It is possible that the 1908 in the nameplate was its street address, because the barn was actually built in 1877. $25.00 o(n)g(a)aa^

Pennsylvania_Royersford_KCD-200_small.jpg agriculture QSL post card available from Judnick.com"KCD 0888" unused black & white citizens band QSL postcard with captioning in red for operators John & Edie Tyson. picturing them both standing next to a large antique tractor. Both sides lightly toned, minor edge wear. (2 available) $3.75 each. pga

"KD903 / Making Sorghum Molasses the old fashion way.." from color photo by Bill Kobert, unused chrome post card. $2.00 !

Michigan_Holland_Farm_small.JPG (4425 bytes)

"KLN5008" CB QSL card advertising DeRuiter's Poultry & Blueberry Farms in Holland, Michigan. $2.50

"Koestal (Zomerstal) / Clow-bouse in Summer" real photo postcard of a dairy barn interior, unusual subject matter, unused. $3.25

Indiana_Wabash_KPJ8979.jpg (99100 bytes)

"KPJ8979" Wabash Indiana CB QSL postcard with cartoon art depicting a farmer plowing his field whilst sipping from a jug of moonshine, used by the Conyers, fairly fresh. $2.00 ima

"K. V. Budapest" showing 2 shepherds driving their flock along a path, sepia-tone real photo postcard with light tinting on brownish paper, many short messages writing on front, several creases, considerable edge wear, mailed 1901 at Szombathely, as is. $4.50 ha

      "Labourers on Sugar Plantation, Barbados" post card mailed 1927 to Mrs. Austin Lynch Jr. in Canton Ohio, minor corner wear & rounding, very light toning shows in the front margins, a couple small light spots of toning on the back, large centered 1-d colonial seal (King on chariot) stamp in good shape, GPO slogan cancel promoting all-year sunshine a little light. SOLD RECENTLY bpa**

"Lebanon / Farmer loads the last / straw on indignant camel." well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1962 from Stockton Springs Maine. $1.75

"Logan Berries, Salem, Oregon. On the Road of a Thousand Wonders." color postcard circa 1915, made in Germany, numbered 3117 on back, corner wear & rounding. $5.00 oa

"Los Angeles Pigeon Farm, / Near Elysian Park" post card in color, unused, fairly fresh. $5.50

"LOTUS LAKE FARM & CABINS / WILLIAMSTOWN, VT." real photo post card mailed from Brandon Vermont in 1940 to Miss Virginia Walker from her mother who was travelling, minor bottom corner wear, light toning near the 2 short back edges. Now the Lotus Lake Camp. Rare. $8.50 v(w)mga

"Madeira. Cana d'assucar / Sugar cane" including 2 workers, bilhete postal with very late usage at Sugarland Texas, mild corner & edge wear wear, back paper browning evenly with age. $4.75 ma

"Madeira - Cutting of Sugar Cane" postcard in color, unused, fairly fresh. "$4.50

=> Special: Both of the above post cards for $8.75 a

Agriculture_MakingHay-200_small.jpg agriculture post card available from Judnick.com"MAKING HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES" art with an agricultural scene, pre-printed advertising for Electro-Silicon Silver Polish on circa 1908 divided back postcard, from a firm located at 32 Cliff Street in the Financial District of Manhattan, unmailed, mild corner rounding, a few spots of light toning. $4.00 n(m)aa

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"MAPLE SUGAR TIME IN NEW ENGLAND" from a photo by Dan Sieburg, unused Plastichrome® post card. $2.00

Mexico_MPlantioDeCana-200_small.jpg Mexican post card available from LotsOfCards.com "MEXICO. / Plantio de Cańa / de Azucar. / No. 200. / 'La Joyita' Ia San Francisco. 14.00Mexico" showing a man standing amidst sugar cane plants. Postcard sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 m(g)a

Hungary_MiAtyank-200_small.JPG agriculture post card scan available from Judnick.com"Mi Atyánk / ki vagy a Mennyekben / Szenteltessék meg a te Neved / Jöjjön el a te Országod." art depicts Hungarian farmers kneeling by field of bundled wheat regarding ghostly figures in the sky (like Last Supper), postcard mailed 1900, corner & edge wear, album impressions at the corners, light toning on front, light scrapes in sky. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 ha

"Milking time" post card in color, unused, album adherences on back. $2.50

England_Minehead_Greenaleigh-120.JPG (369442 bytes)"Minehead, Greenaleigh Farm" including 6 women on the path leading in, postcard with muted colors, unused, Frith & Co. published, small adherence on back, minor wear at 2 corners. Minehead is in Somerset County, England. $5.00 ea+

Madeira_MOPN30-200_small.JPG available from Judnick.com"M. O. P. No 30 / MADEIRA. / Bananeiras. // Registado" showing a grove of banana trees with fruit, color postcard with undivided back, mailed from Madeira with Funchal 20-réis King stamp (indistinctly canceled) to Ohio, small corner crease not into image, mild edge wear. $5.00 mta

"Mowing Alfalfa, Western Michigan" In color, post card published by Century Photoview, unused, very light toning on back, minor edge wear. $6.00 am(w)*

"MUZEJ 'RALO'" multiview postcard showing an open-air museum display of rural tools in Slovenia, unused continental postcard with 2 internal creases & a faint corner crease. $1.25 sma

"NEBRASKA AGRICULTURAL STATISTICS / ISSUED COOPERATIVELY BY / NEBRASKA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND INSPECTION / AND / UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE / 1939 - 1942" hardbound book, 112 pages. Coverage: Grain crops, hay crops, livestock, miscellaneous crops, seed crops, weather & even more! Gently used. $4.00 na

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"NEW ZEALAND / DE HAVILLAND DH 82A / TIGER MOTH / PIONEERING AERIAL TOPDRESSING" with emphasis on a simple country map, art in vertical format, unused continental postcard, tiny corner bump." $1.25 na

"NEW ZEALAND / D.H.82A TIGER MOTH /  Pioneering Aerial Topdreessing" showing a plane flying over a flatbed truck, with art in vertical format, unused continental post card, 2 corner bumps. $1.00 na

"New Zealand / PIONEERING AERIAL TOPDRESSING / D.H. 82A TIGER MOTH" with artwork in vertical format, unused continental postcard, tiny corner bump. $1.25 na

"No. 1420. / Three Year Old apple Tree. / Eastern Washington" making a point of the abundance, color post card on grayish paper from Lowman & Hanford Company, made in Germany, mailed 1909 at Bridgeport (partial Doane 1 cancel?), light toning on back, small corner crease. minor edge wear. $3.00 wa

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"No. 146 / Cultivation of the Rice in Thailand. / (4) Making the Tender Rice Plants into / Sheaves for Replanting" unused chrome postcard from Phorn Thip, slight toning along back bottom edge, unusual subject matter. $2.00 ta

"No. 261  NAKORN CHAISRI, THAILAND: Transplant rice." showing several workers in a paddy, unused chrome post card, circa 1962. $2.00 ta

"No. 377 BANGKOK, THAILAND: Ploughing Ceremony" depicting a Buddhist agricultural event, unused chrome postcard, very colorful, excellent condition. Circa 1962. $2.00 ta

"O-127--Picking Oranges near Orlando, Fla. / 8A-H1430" unused circa-1938 linen post card, small spot of very light toning on back, otherwise fresh. $2.00 f(o)a

"Office of HERRON & SPENCER, / Importers and Dealers in Cocoanuts, (Almonds, Peanuts, Filberts and Walnuts…)" ad on government postal card mailed 1882 from New York City, minor edge wear. $4.50

"Old farm machinery at a / Fair in Iowa" well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1965. $2.00

"Old steam tractor at a Fair in / Iowa" showing a close-up, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1965. $2.00

Colorado_Kit_Carson_small.JPG (2816 bytes)"One of our Hay Stacks 45 ft. long contains 16 tons" real photo postcard from Kit Carson Colorado, mailed there 1910, caption from writing on back. Interesting view with 4 men working and the apparatus used to hoist them up. $20.00 (cpa)

Better_194small.jpg agriculture postcard available from Judnick.com"One of the Hershey Farms, Hershey, Pa. / 'Home of the Hershey Chocolate Co.'" including several dairy cows grazing near a round barn, color post card that is not as all as most regular size, unused, minor edge wear. Uncommon: we found an example in the Hershey Community Archives, but no one was offering it, or even bragging about having sold it. $7.50 p(h)aa

"One Shipment of Cotton / 2500 Bales" showing railcars near the Union Elevator, post card mailed 1908 in Memphis Tennessee, considerable corner & edge wear. $3.75

"On The Farm of M. Poulson / Antelope Mont." with an ox and horse in tandem harvesting the wheat; unused sepia-tone real photo NOKO real photo with unevenly divided back (placing it circa 1907-1908), faint paper clip indent top center, a few small spots of light toning on back. Note the tell-tale light letter t's in the caption: this is an early effort for the photographer who was not yet comfortable writing backwards on the negative. Rare! $40.00 m(a)a NEW / NY / NOUVEAU

"Packing Lettuce in Florida for Northern Market." postcard in color, mailed 1912, 2 corners show wear. $4.00

"Packing Sultana / Grapes / in California" post card in color, mailed 1907, writing on front. $7.50

Expo_1904_PalaceOfArts-200_small.jpg agribusiness post card available from LotsOfCards.com"Palace of Arts / World's Fair / St. Louis, Mo. / 1904 / Palace of Agriculture" multiview postcard with undivided back, mailed, 2 short tears at the left front edge with wear & a crease between, a little cancel ink on front. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 eamm

"Pails full of maple / sap in Vermont." well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1962. $2.00

Colorado_005_small.jpg agriculture post card available from Judnick.com
"PEACH ORCHARD IN BLOOM / MT. GARFIELD IN BACKGROUND / IN SCENIC COLORADO" unused linen postcard numbered 9666N on back, excellent condition. The back explains that the orchard is near Palisade Colorado. $2.50 c(m)ma

"Pear Blossoms, Rogue River Valley.  425." real photo postcard with high contrast & slight oxidation, mailed NOV 29 1951 (clear PORTLAND & S. F. N. D. TR.330 R.P.O. hand cancel) to Mrs. Ruby Hoffstadt in Shelby Ohio, good edges. $4.00 o(r)a

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"PICK Dole / HAWAII'S BEST, AMERICA'S FAVORITE!" Unused chrome post card, fresh appearance. (3 different) $2.50 each

Oregon_PickersArriving-100.JPG (301779 bytes)
"PICKERS ARRIVING FOR WORK / IN AN OREGON HOP FIELD" unused black & white from Patton Post Card Company, numbered 44837 on back, mild wear at top edge, minor wear at one corner. An interesting view. $6.00 oap

"Picking Apples on Five Mile / Prairie near Spokane, Washington." showing men & women workers in action, color postcard from M. Rieder, unused, brownish paper, trivial corner wear. $8.00 wa%

"Picking Carnations in Wintertime." post card mailed 1910 (Phoenix Arizona territorial flag cancel), hint of cancel ink on front, unusual subject matter, nice. $7.50


"Picking Cotton, LOUISIANA." unused postcard with undivided back, back paper browned evenly with age, good edges. $11.00 bla

Oregon_PickingHops_PrintersCopy.JPG (265876 bytes)
"PICKING HOPS IN OREGON" including 4 workers & 2 baskets; black & white postcard with printer's markings on back dating Aug 24 1915 & price charged, paper browning evenly with age, unique & interesting. $12.00 oap*

"Picking Oranges in California. / AS SEEN ON THE BALLOON ROUTE / EXCURSION" post card with unevenly divided back mailed 1907 from Playa Del Ray California to Mrs. Frank Sackey in Richmond Indiana, 2 corners creased, mild corner & edge wear. $3.25 abc(u)

"Picking Oranges in Florida" post card mailed 1949. $2.00

California_Unspecified_PickingOrangesNear-100.jpg (351892 bytes)"Picking Oranges near the Snowfields" in California, color postcard with undivided back from M. Rieder, mailed 1905 to Altamonte Springs Florida (clear receiving mark), much corner & edge wear, 1 / 5" tear that closes well in message area. $3.50 ca

"Picking Pimento" unused Jamaican post card published by Dr. Johnston, in color, unused post card, unusual subject matter. $6.00

"PICKING POTATOES IN MAINE 2210" black & white Photolux postcard mailed 1954. $3,25

"Picking Thompson Seedless Grapes in California" including a Mexican worker, Rieder published post card in color, unused, album marks on front. $4.25

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California_LosAngeles_PigeonFarm-200_small.jpg California postcard available from LotsOfCards.com

"PIGEON FARM. LOS ANGELES, CAL. 9800" color post card from Bosselman, made in Germany, circa 1915, writing on back, small corner crease, minor corner wear. $5.50 c(l)bba

"Pineapple Harvesting" Unused chrome post card, Helbig published, fresh appearance. $2.00

"PLACING CRANBERRIES IN TRAYS, CAPE COD, MASS." postcard in color, TCV with John Smith commemorative but not mailed, fresh. $8.50

Agriculture_PlaySafe_Blotter.jpg (179854 bytes)"Play Safe / … / BUY A MYERS WATER SYSTEM" advertising blotter picturing a farmer washing down a dairy barn & the system, includes slogan 'running water / your family deserves it'. A little longer than a regular post card, minor wear at one short end, unused. $3.75 a

"Plowing Grain Stubble." postcard in color, album adherences on back, unused, front has fresh appearance. $3.50

"Plowing Virgin Soil in Canada" post card in color, corners worn, writing on back dates to 1911. $4.75

"PLYMOUTH, MICHIGAN" generic chrome postcard with a farm scene including bales of hay, writing on back dates to 1967, fresh appearance. $1.25

"PONDER'S FARM, ROUGHAM. Howell's Series J6788." a corner view of the farmhouse constructed in the 18th century & added onto later; unused Norvic Mill real photo post card, fuzzy focus at the near sides but mid-ground & distance focus is good for architectural details, tiny spot in stamp box, good edges. On the National Heritage List for England. $13.00 e(r)ga NEW / NY / NOUVEAU

PuertoRico_PRShucking-100.jpg (207181 bytes)"Porto Rico  Shucking Cocoanuts" sepia-tone Azo (triangles both ways) real photo postcard, writing on both sides repeats caption, corner wear including 2 small corner creases not into the image, small tears at one short edge again not into image. $4.25 pa%

Michigan_BurrOak_PotatoMarket.jpg (160278 bytes)"Potato Market Burr Oak Mich 3" with several horse-drawn wagons near railroad cars--N&W & Big Four among them; real photo post card with focus good enough to make our most markings on the cars. writing on back comments on potato farming in the area, light toning along bottom front edge, trivial wear at one corner, grayish paper. $27.50 mha

England_Lancashire_Agricultural_small.jpg (3613 bytes)"Preston V.T.C. Camp 1915. Members of Ashton Company 19890" real photo postcard taken in front of the Lancashire County Council Agricultural Department in England, unused. VTC stands for Volunteer Training Corps.  Exceptional! $25.00 dmea*

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"REAPING PADDY, CEYLON" showing several workers, unused real photo post card from Plâté, British made. $3.00 ca

Texas_Dalhart_small.jpg (3785 bytes)

"R. E. Trible plowing on Reed-Allen Farm near Dalhart, Texas" unusually detailed postcard, writing on front dates to 1914, writing on back. Unusually specific. $10.00 (tg(t)a)

"S-1067" linen post card showing a harvest, writing on front. $3.00

"S-11 The California Date Gardens / © FRASHER FOTO" linen postcard mailed 1942, minor corner & edge wear. $1.50 ca*

California_042_small.jpg agribusiness post card available from Judnick.com
"S-11C  Date Gardens of the Coachella Valley" unused linen postcard, very light fingerprint smudge on back, otherwise excellent condition. The date palms shown were imported some 20 years earlier. $2.50 c(c)ta

"S-404 / GREETINGS FROM OLNEY, ILL." showing a farmer using 2 horses to plow, pausing beneath the shade of an apple tree, near mint Curteich generic post card printed in 1935. $5.00 ia. Generic postcards explained.

"S-5 The World's Largest Pen-Feeding System for Beef Cattle / At Tovrea's, Phoenix, Arizona" Unused linen postcard. $2.00

"Salinas / THE VALLEY OF GREEN GOLD" showing work in a lettuce field, unused chrome post card. $2.00

"SAM SUMSTINE & MR. MEIER / Rockland Idaho / 1946 or 1947" small photo with indicated writing on back" $3.75

"Sap buckets near the sugar house are emptied / last. The worker has to …" showing a phase in the production of maple sugar, unused chrome postcard. $2.00

SouthCarolina_Summerton_AgriculturalScene.jpg (163245 bytes)
"SCENE AROUND SUMMERTON, S.C." sepia-tone, showing field during harvest with baskets, unused. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 (sa)

See also Apiculture postcards for beekeeping.

See also Food post cards.

See also Agriculture on stamps.

Agriculture_SeedsForRoot-200_small.jpg agriculture postal card available from Judnick.com"SEEDS FOR ROOT CROPS / FOR FARM STOCK / ... / PETER HENDERSON & CO. / 35 Cortlandt Street, New York" with prices per pound & per 5 pounds for various Mancel Wurzel, other beets, turnips & carrots; printed advertising on government postal card mailed there APR 25 1879, toned both sides (pricelist heavily), 2 corner creases (1 small). From the leading horticulturalist of his day, the founding father of the seed industry in the USA. In addition to this line, this pioneer offered kitchen gardening mixtures for city & suburban dwellers, and ornamental gardening products. Not bad for an immigrant who arrived with only a few coins in his pocket! His address was in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Staten Island. History in your hands. $15.00 gg(h)n(s)a

"Sentinel Steam Tractor, 1927 / Sentinel Stoomtrekker, 1927" unused continental post card, tiny corner bend, long internal bend at the opposite corner. $1.00 a

Sepia-tone real photo post card showing two men picking grapefruits, mailed DEC 30 1915 from Mount Dora Florida, bottom corner creased twice (once faintly), light toning near the back edges. Sender who is in the picture comments: 'I can hear the colored boys singing / they are picking fruit." $7.50 f(m)a

Wyoming_Moorcroft_SheepRanch.jpg (135598 bytes)

"Sheep Ranch near Moorcroft, Wyo." showing several sheep grazing near the bend in a river, real photo postcard mailed 1910, 2 corner creases. $18.00 wa

Maryland_Baltimore_Shepherd_small.jpg (3375 bytes)"Shepherd and Flock, Druid Hill Park-Baltimore, Md." black & white, unused with undivided back, faint album impressions at the corners. One of our favorite postcards from this city, even though it is not rare. Note the collie dog. $10.00

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Saskatchewan_SnipeLakeDistrict_small.jpg (3661 bytes)"Snipe Lake District, Saskatchewan, Sept. 8, 1915. / Garden Truck, R. A. Snyder's farm, Sec. 15-26-19 W. 3rd." Azo real photo (triangles up) post card with writing on back identifying one of the visitors in the shot. $20.00 sga

"South Carolina / tobacco plantation" well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1965. $2.00

Better_502small.jpg agricultural ads available from Judnick Postcards"Souvenir of the Fair--Case Engine Doing Stunts" unused black & white advertising post card showing people watching a demonstration, two nearby signs reading 'CASE ENGINES / ARE THE ONLY REAL / HILL CLIMBERS'; toned both sides, heavily in the front sky. $5.00 aa

"Spraying for grub control." black & white photo, no postcard back, unusual subject matter. $2.50

Colorado_Greeley_Alfalfa_small.jpg (3181 bytes) Greeley Colorado postcard

"Stacking Alfalfa, Greeley, Colorado" real photo post card published by Arthur Kapper, unused. $6.50 (ca)

"Steam Plowing / THOMAS RANCH / Chico, Cal. / 7264 / M. Reider Publ. / LOS ANGELES, CAL." unused undivided back post card, light album marks at the corners of both sides, good edges. In the Merriam Library Special Collections of the California State University at Chico but rarely offered. Now it can be in your collection too! $25.00 c(c)ag NEW / NY / NOUVEAU

"Strawberries in Oregon." postcard in color, published by M. Rieder, writing on back. $7.50

Better_631small.jpg agribusiness postcards available from Judnick.com
"Strawberry Farm, Van Buren, Ark." including a large number of children, black & white post card with green tinting, mailed there 1909, small bottom corner crease, back printing a bit high. Hard to find! $10.00 a(v)ac


Blacks_StrawberryPickers_NorfolkVA-100.jpg (342152 bytes)"Strawberry Pickers and Crates, NORFOLK, Va." showing many blacks, many crates & a horse-drawn wagon; color post card on undivided back from A. C. Bosselman, mailed there 1907 (clear Jamestown Celebration cancel), yellowish paper, 2 corners with small creases, light toning on front, a little extraneous writing on back. $11.00 bbva

Victoria_StudMerinos-200_small.JPG agriculture post card available from LotsOfCards.com"STUD MERINOS" showing a herd, front & elaborate back advertising settlement allotments available for mixed farming in Victoria Australia, under the Closer Settlement Acts; black & white postcard issued by direction of the Honorable J. E. Mackey (Commissioner of Crown Lands), considerable corner wear, address written in pencil on the back. $6.00 va(s)ga

Arkansas_Stuttgart_SAHeart-100.jpg (291547 bytes)

"Stuttgart, Arkansas, Heart of the Rice Belt / In this Manner Water for Irrigation is Supplied at the Rate of..." white-border era black & white postcard, unused. $3.75 (a(s)a)+

"Sugar Maple time. The sap gathered in this winter /   scene will go to make Maple sugar,…" unused chrome post card. $2.00

"SWEET AND JUICY-CONCORD GRAPES / FROM CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY, NEW YORK STATE" unused white-border era post card from M. Russell McLaren, light toning at one back corner, otherwise fresh. $3.00 an

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"TABLEAUX PYRÉNÉENS / 1203 - TROUPEAU AU PATURAGE" showing a flock of sheep & shepherdess, in color, unused postcard, fairly fresh. $3.00

Madagascar_TananariveBatteurs-200.jpg agriculture scenes available from Judnick Postcards

"TANANARIVE. - Batteurs de Riz / Edition Robert   Ducrocq - Reproduction Interdite" showing a Madagascar couple threshing rice, black & white postcard with green back, light album marks on back, sound edges & fresh appearance. $20.00 ma

Madagascar_LabourageDesRizičres.jpg (164647 bytes)

"TANANARIVE. - Labourage des Rizičres" showing several Madagascar laborers digging in a rice field, black & white postcard with green back, good edges, fresh appearance. ON OFFER ma

"Tapping the sugarplace. Making Maple sugar." Unused post card, published by Green Mountain. $2.50

"Ten Acres of Prunes, showing the manner of Sun Drying, a familiar California scene" Undivided back postcard, unused, gripper mark near one corner, interesting. $7.50

"Testing Seeds for Vitality at Fordhook" undivided back post card, mailed 1907, corner wear & rounding, light toning on back. $4.75

"THE AGRARIAN HISTORY OF WESTERN EUROPE / 500 - `850" hardbound book by B. H. Slichter Van Bath, translated by Olive Ordish, printed in Great Britain, 364 pages indexed, gently used. Extensive & scholarly tables, outlines & diagrams. $9.00 ah

"The Barns, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio // Cattle Building.  Judging Pavilion.  Horse Building" sepia tone postcard mailed there 1918 to Mrs. J. N. Morehead in New Plymouth Ohio by her daughter Leota; one upper corner creased twice, trace speckles of cancel ink in the sky. Rare: when we searched the Internet only one example was found -- an earlier printing exhibited in a library collection -- & none of any printing was offered. $12.50 o(c)c(o)a

"THE 'BREAD WINNER' / This little crude oil Traction Engine built in two sizes, Nos. 1 & 2, and operated by one man in plowing has a capacity of about one acre per hour ... / Is adaptable to all kinds of farm work. / Invented by / C. R. TRAXLER, / Winston-Salem, N.C." unmailed Azo (triangles up) real photo advertising postcard with good contrast & focus, good edges too. We found a newspaper mention in 1910. Considered somewhat a genius, he also invented a veneer cutting machine. Another example of this postcard appeared & was discussed in modern publications such as Gas Engine Magazine & Farm and Ranch Living, but it is seldom offered. $25.00 n(w)ga NEW / NY / NOUVEAU

Better_565small.jpg agriculture postcards available from LotsOfPhotos.com
"THE BUDA MF'G CO., HARVEY ILL." showing the exterior of the agricultural engine manufacturer, unused sepia-tone real photo postcard made by P. L. Huckins in Chicago, minor corner wear, slight oxidation. Rare. $14.00 i(l)ia

"The Decent car that hops the neighbouring hill. Irish farmyard" postcard in color, toned edge, writing on back. $2.50

"The Eldridge Farm, Wells Beach Me. 2 Publ by the Eldridge Co. Wells Beach Me. 2" sepia-tone real photo post card including auto & people, mailed 1919. $16.00

"THE EVENING MEAL, SWANSTON" showing a flock of sheep, sepia-tone postcard from the Castle series, unused. $3.25

"The fifth wheel of the / NISCO permits you to turn / corners easily. // Representing / The New Idea Spreader Co. / Coldwater, Ohio." our caption from all the printing on back; real photo advertising postcard, location redundantly pencilled into the address area, minor corner rounding. This company specialized for a long time in manure spreading & held patents to protect their technology. NISCO mostly advertised using magazine ads, so this is a special treat. $60.00 o(c)a NEW / NY / NOUVEAU

MIXone_099_small.jpg agricultural post card available from Judnick.com"The Milkmaid." unsigned but quality art in color shows agricultural scene in which a farm woman empties water into vats so her 2 cows can drink; postcard with undivided back mailed 1907 at Quimby Iowa, corners with small creases tangential to or missing the art, top edge ding closes fairly well. $3.25 wpa

California_Sacramento_IrrigationCongress_small.jpg (3392 bytes)"The National Irrigation Congress at Sacramento, 1907. Opening of the / Congress--The Ogden Tabernacle Choir singing the Invocation Ode." post card, unused, toned back from album contact, small album adherences on back. Seldom seen: not in the excellent collection of the Sacramento Public Library, also absent from most Mormonism collections. SOLD RECENTLY mc(s)ma

Idaho_Payette_Irrigation-200_small.JPG"The Payette Valley Land and Orchard Co. Ltd." sepia-tone Azo (triangles up) real photo post card with caption taken from the violet handstamp in correspondence area of the back, one corner with tiny crease & an internal crease nearby, extensive water stain mostly visible in the left front sky. Idaho men in business attire (hats & some ties) stand between 2 old autos and a working source of irrigation. The importance of this scene can be appreciated by the notice for the town of New Plymouth in the 1910-1911 business directory, which reads in part: "Abundance of water for irrigation, with an unusually productive soil" The Payette notice was similar: "pipe line gravity irrigation and municipal water and sewerage systems..." The Payette Valley was already the home of Jonathan apple orchards & home of many fruit-packing houses; it grew rapidly. Possibly unique, certainly not produced in commercial quantities. $75.00 ia

"The Trusties of Rock Township has assigned the farm you / live on to the Cleghorn Fire Dept for protection." typed notice on 1961 government postal card with heavy vertical crease, grammar & spelling mistakes reproduced here faithfully. Recipient was Orval (John) Brownmiller. $2.00 fi(c)a

"The valley of 'suspender farms' / and the bridge in Aroostook Co…" well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1961, with a painting by Saunders. $2.00

"The / Ram / of / 2nd Derby / V / B." showing a champion, mailed 1907 from Towyn North Wales, black & white post card, light toning on back, edge wear, corner crease. $5.50

Agriculture_Watermellon_small.jpg (2475 bytes)"The World's Largest Melons, Eight, 195 lbs." Continental size, unused, two bent corners. A postcard bearing this image with a variant caption was featured on the cover of the October 1988 Postcard Collector. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 absp

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"This is a picture of Charley's hay bailer what do you think of it?" uncaptioned (so we use most of the message on back) real photo postcard with pleasing contrast & focus, mailed SEP 1913 at East Orwell Ohio (now a discontinued post office) to Mrs. Leo Tyler in Monroeville Ohio, sender giving a Windsor Ohio address (RD #3), minor corner wear, very light toning on back. Both East Orwell and Monroeville are small towns about 5.3 miles from each other in Ashtabula County Ohio. Probably one-of-a-kind: no caption, no publisher attribution, no photographer information. SOLD RECENTLY ao(w)

"This is Ed when he was hauling beets. This is the beet dump. Has Johns horses." showing their descent after dumping a heavy wagonload of sugar beets into a waiting Union Pacific car on the siding, undoubtedly destined for the Great Western Sugar Company mill at Longmont; uncaptioned (so we use the back message), sepia-tone real photo post card mailed at Julesburg Colorado DEC 3 1909 to Mrs. S. A. Moyer in St. Marys Ohio, back toned from album contact, long bottom corner crease, corners worn & rounded. The Union Pacific depot in Sedgwick is now a museum. Probably one-of-a-kind: no caption, no photographer attribution, no publisher information. $100.00 c(j)afr(u) NEW / NY / NOUVEAU

"Thousands of turkeys on an / island in the Snake River, Idaho" well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1961. $2.00

Azores_ThrashingCornAt-100.jpg (265075 bytes)"Trashing corn at St. Michael's Azôres." post card with undivided back, unused, album marks at corners. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 aa

"THROW THE COW / OVER THE FENCE / SOME HAY // It's Pennsylvania / Dutch talk" art depicting a farmer & his cow, unused Yorkcraft Pennsylvania Dutch post card, tiny spot of toning at one front edge, otherwise fresh. $1.00 pa

Tobacco_TField-100.jpg (317304 bytes)

"Tobacco Field." showing 4 black workers (including a child) in the distance, color postcard, circa 1915, unused, considerable edge wear. $3.75 (tba+)

  Better_334small.jpg farming photos availabel from Judnick Postcards  Better_335small.jpg farm photos available from LotsOfPhotos.com  Two regular-size photographs showing the east (right) & west exposures (left) of the Stimson farmhouse in Alexandria Ohio on May 16 1925, two corners gone on each but neither into the image. $15.00 gets both. o(a)ga

Cuba_UnaCarretaDe-200_small.jpg"Una Carreta de Cańa / Sugar Can Transport, Cuba.  145" interesting agricultural scene including a few workers & an ox cart, sepia-tone real photo post card with red captioning in the border, mailed at Habana ENE 26 1939 to Indiana, trivial corner wear. SALE IN PROGRESS ca

Uncaptioned Azo real photo (triangles up) postcard showing a man & woman standing in a field possibly of tobacco, unused, slight oxidation, wear to one corner. $3.00 a

Uncaptioned sepia-tone real photo postcard showing a side view of a Buffalo Pitts tractor, mailed OCT 27 1908 at Fond du Lac Wisconsin to Mr. A. C. Rady in Minneapolis Minnesota, bottom corner with 2 small creases, oxidation consistent with age. Pertinent message: This is a 20 H. P. Eng. & this was taken at Fond du Lac Fair. This Eng maid the best shoing of all Engines at the Fair. It is a peach.' Sold but its front is still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged & enhanced (publication-quality) 300-dpi scan in .jpg format. $3.75 w(f)a

"Valley View Farm. Hot Springs, Va." Hand-colored post card published by The Virginia Store, unused. $2.75

Agricullture_Vanilla_Beans_small.jpg (3900 bytes)

"VANILLA VIEWS / by /  FOOTE & JENKS--Jackson, Michigan.." postcard showing a Mexican crop about ready for harvest. "$7.50

"Viele Grüsse / zu / Ostern!" black & white Easter card with wheelbarrow & chickens, mailed 1919, censor mark. $5.00

"VISTA PANORAMICA E INSTALACIONES DEL CENTRO AGRONOMICO / TROPICAL DE INVESTIGACION & ENSNANZA (CATIE) EN EL VALLE DE / TURRIALBA, COSTA RICA, C. A." also captioned in English, showing a tropical agricultural research & training center; postcard from a photograph credited to Eugenio Vargas G., mailed 1988 (one of 2 large stamps had to be folded over the top to allow for the address on back), 2 tiny upper corner creases. $1.25 ca

"Vogesen Ferme Morel, Wirthschaft (Auberge) Vosges" postcard mailed 1901, light toning, 2 corner creases. Unusual that the name of the farm is given. $7.50

Georgia_Demorest_W4CWH-200_small.jpg agriculture QSL postal card available from Judnick.com"W4CWH" illustrated Demorest Georgia QSL postal card on brownish stock, mailed there 1935 by operator Robert E. L. Travis, pushpin discoloration at top center, one bottom corner creased twice faintly, back lightly toned. Color illustration is of the Big Red Apple monument in Cornelia, paying homage to the apple growers of Habersham County. $3.00 g(d)a

"WALTER A. WOOD / FARM MACHINES / NOT MADE BY A TRUST" uncaptioned Azo (triangles up) sepia-tone real photo postcard, upper corner crease, slight pushpin indent at top center, minor corner wear, heavily toned back. Our caption relates the sign at the left end of the building. While no caption date, annotation, or postmark is there to guide us, the card is necessarily late 1907 or later because of its divided back. Keeping in mind the headline-grabbing trust-busting activities of President Teddy Roosevelt during his September 1901 -  March 1909 presidency, we thus have a fairly confident estimate this photograph was taken late 1907 - early 1909. Possibly unique: no caption, no publisher information, no photographer attribution. SOLD RECENTLY o(b)ga

Wanted to buy--the post card set featuring the Ohio Bicentennial barns. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

Arkansas_Stamps_Chicken_Farm_1911_small.JPG (1912 bytes) Stamps Arkansas real photo postcard

"W. A. wants you to see some of his fine stock - not half show in the picture" real photo post card mailed 1911 from Stamps Arkansas, caption from writing on back. $11.75 a(s)aaa

"WENTE VINEYARDS AT LIVERMORE / Stretching for 500 acres…" Early chrome postcard, showing a harvest, corner crease, edge wear, couple spots on back. $2.50

NewYork_KeukaLake_WestBranch-200_small.jpg agriculture postcard available from Judnick.com"West Branch from Trolley, N. Y. / 11380.  H. C. GUTHRIE, PUBLISHER." looking out over grapevines to Lake Keuka, unused black & white post card with undivided back, long but faint vertical crease, lightly toned both sides. The publisher was located in Penn Yan, on the East Branch of that lake. An electric trolley ran from Penn Yan to Branchport on the West Branch - thus explaining the rather vague captioning! Rare! $25.00 n(k)sa

"WHEAT HARVEST / GARDEN CITY, KANSAS" with 2 threshing machines in the foreground & several other machines more distant; unused real photo postcard from an undisclosed published, minor wear at one upper corner, crease in one bottom corner from album removal. $6.00 k(g)a

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Better_456small.jpg agricultural postcards available from Judnick.com"Wheat raised on Simpson and Ballou Ranch by Winter Irrigation, / 6 miles west of Dodge City, Kansas.  June 1st, 1911, Eureka Canal" black & white post card with green tinting published by E. C. Kropp, mailed about that time but stamp removed obscuring some of the RPO cancel, minor wear & album toning at the edges. Rare: there are at least 3 views in this series, but we have only seen one example of each in all our years of dealing. The photographer information on the case in the foreground indicates he was out of Dodge City itself. $15.00 k(d)pa

"World's Largest Lemons (Ponderosa) / Florida 285" post card mailed 1953, typewritten message. $2.00

(Uncaptioned) art showing field after harvest, signed Geo. M. Munsoll(?), postcard mailed 1905, writing on front, cancel ink on front. $2.00

(Uncaptioned) AZO real photo (triangles both ways) post card showing a large sow suckling 2 piglets, racial slur in writing on back. $6.50

(Uncaptioned) real photo postcard showing many chickens, mailed later than oxidation suggests, corner & edge wear. $3.00

(Uncaptioned) real photo post card showing plowing of a partially submerged rice paddy in Asia, unused. $2.00

(Uncaptioned) showing 2 men & 2 bulls plowing, postcard in color, mailed 1911,considerable corner & edge wear, heavily toned back, as is. $2.50

(Uncaptioned) showing a young woman on equipment in a field, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1964, cancel ink on front. $1.75

(Uncaptioned) showing an Arab plowing behind a camel / ox combination, postcard in color, trivial corner wear, unused. $2.75

(Uncaptioned) showing shepherd, dog & large flock of sheep in color. Probably Latvian considering the source, serie 2936 / 4, post card writing on back. $2.50

(Uncaptioned) showing what appears to be an apple orchard in bloom & a woman working there, writing on front, post card mailed in Berlin 1905. $3.25

images/Netherlands_051_small.jpg farming post card available from Judnick.com

"WALCHERSCHE BOER" picturing a young farmer in The Netherlands, sepia-tone briefkaart neatly separated from booklet, very late usage at Davey Nebraska, soft bottom corner, light fingerprint toning on back. Imperfectly rectangular due to the way the perforations were punched for the booklet (top edge). $2.50 na

Wanted to buy--postcards about the Arkansas Future Farmers of America. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

Netherlands_033_small.jpg agriculture post card available from Judnick.com"W. de Haas. Utrecht -- Serie N - 12 dessins." showing hay being loaded into a boat, an entire family working; unused briefkaart printed in Holland, lower corner crease, minor corner wear, light toning both sides. Caption is from printing on the back. $3.25 na

Oklahoma_WeatherfordMillingCompany_RP.jpg (149331 bytes)
"Weatherford Milling Co." in Weatherford Oklahoma, with readable signs & 3 men outside, sepia-tone real photo post card mailed there 1909, slight oxidation, light toning on back, small corner crease. $16.50 oa

Better_457small.jpg farming postcards available from Judnick.com"Winsted, Conn.  33  65 Acres.  $2075 / A good house of 8 rooms, a good barn / for 9 head, new house 12 x 50 nearly com- / pleted, 22 acres in fields, cutting 20 tons hay, ... / E. A. STROUT CO., / F. N. MOORE, Agt., 119 Main St., Winsted, Conn." real photo postcard of the real estate with many additional details on back, such as equipment included; mailed circa 1910 to A. E. Leedle in Bedford Michigan, minor corner wear.. You will be astonished what that kind of money bought in those days. $12.00 c(w)rg(m)a

"Yoked bullocks haul cane to a mill in Martinique" well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1962 at Maitland Florida, tiny upper corner bump. $2.25 ma

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Others are filed in Fancy postcards.

         Flowers_3Airbrushed-200Small.jpg airbrushed postcards available from Judnick.com
Lot of 196 deeply embossed & airbrushed floral post cards. Selected by their original owner for their beauty & generally fine-excellent condition. These are thick cards to support the deep embossing & the added backing that was usually necessary to provide a smooth writing surface if they were mailed. {That backing also helps the edges avoid the wear more typical on thinner 90-year old postcards.] Airbrush art is usually done in just a few colors, with the deep embossing aiding the viewer's imagination. The deep embossing gives a tactile 3-dimensional quality that makes it impossible to represent any of the postcards well in a 2-dimensional scan. Hand-done art, so no 2 can be exactly alike. 1908 - 1914 is the typical range of dates on those that were mailed, but many were simply put aside in albums & appreciated for their beauty. Captions were typically greetings such as Happy Birthday, Hearty Congratulations, Love to Sister, etc. All these postcards feature flowers as a major element of their design. Together they can form stunning groups--whether they be in your album, displayed in framed gardens of your creation, or (yes--someday the art world will wake up) shown in a museum. These are not shopworn cards, so we shall ship them all sleeved to preserve their condition. $125.00 is our wholesale price. afw

"Greetings / FROM / PANTHER / PENNSYLVANIA" highly embossed air-brushed postcard, family greeting written on back but not posted, glitter added to make the name of the town. Very small, it is located in Greene Township of Pike County. $2.75 p(p)a NEW / NY / NOUVEAU

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ja näidistega
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